Sunday, February 12, 2012

Round Granny Doily ~ 1

Sharing this week’s doily with you.  So many of the doily patterns out there are gorgeous, but don’t really lend themselves to multiple color changes.  And being that I am on a mission to use the thread I currently own, I was looking for a pattern that would use several colors at once.  I decided on a Round Granny doily.  Many people use this pattern for pillows and such, but I thought why not a doily!  I finished it off with a picot edge, which I really like on this doily. :)  Finished this one a couple days ago, and am now working on another one.  Stay tuned to see which colors I have chosen for the next one.  As always, I thank you for looking. Enjoy your day! :D




This is where I got the color inspiration from. My colors don’t always match the exact ones in my chosen inspiration, but they are close enough to suit me.  :)



  1. Your doily is very pretty and I love the colors you've chosen. Looks like it was a fun project. :-)

  2. Oh Rita, I'm anxious to get going on some doilies too. Have to get a blanket finished for a shower gift and then I'm dragging out the thread. This is beautiful. The color combos are fantastic. Love the last post too. You certainly do crochet these up quickly!

  3. Thank you all! I appreciate your kind words. :)