Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Vintage Finds

Just thought I’d share a few of my recent finds.  The first one is from the Good Will Store, and the other three are from a garage sale I went to over the weekend.

I love this vase! When I saw it at Good Will I couldn’t pass it up! It was $3.99, which I thought was a bit much, but our Good Will store is notorious for higher prices than most.


I have been looking for this 1 1/2 quart baking dish for years now.  I had one and somewhere along the line it got broken.  I kept the lid to it, hoping to find a replacement dish, and I just now found it.  It took me a good many years, but I persevered, and for a dollar it is now mine! Yay me!  ;D


This bowl is the kind I used to eat cereal out of when I stayed at my maternal grandmother’s house. It was only a quarter, so I had to buy it…for nostalgia’s sake, if nothing else!


Last, but not least, a pretty pair of pillowcases for only fifty cents.  I don’t think they were ever used!  Not sure yet, but I’m thinking they just might need a pretty crocheted edging.  :D


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sheer Inspiration

My latest doily, done in Avocado, Pink and Pink Camo.  It is called Sheer Inspiration and can be found in Decorative Crochet #52.  I seem to be loving pink these days. :)  As always, I thank you for stopping by!



Saturday, July 6, 2013

A New Doily

Not sure what to call this doily, so I have labeled it Square Floral Center Granny Doily.  LOL  I started out with a pattern for the center.  The pattern was driving me crazy, and I knew I wasn’t going to enjoy trying to decipher it as I made the rows and rows around…so I decided to improvise and do my own thing.  I decided on a granny square type of thing.  Instead of stitch groups of 3 dc, I used stitch groups of 2 dc cl.  Basic, but I like how it turned out. :) As always, thanks so much for stopping by!



Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thank You and My Good Will Find

First of all I wanted to thank those of you who told me they hope I feel better soon. I appreciate it.  The thing is, I am not sure I will.  I have been having troubles for about 23 years, and things are progressively getting worse for me.  It affects all aspects of my life, and honestly, I’m getting tired of it.  :(  I do have an appt. with a gastroenterologist on Tuesday, so hopefully she can help me in some way, shape or form. 

Now then, so this post isn’t just a “woe is me” post.  I thought I would share what I found at Good Will the other day.  I sleep in a different room than my husband.  Please don’t judge.  LOL  I found out several yrs. ago that I sleep better by myself.  Makes for a happier everybody.  Anyhoo, I took over our son’s bed (he moved out last December) about a month ago.  It’s a twin size mattress so I went to GW hoping to find a vintage sheet or two.  Was disappointed at first because I wasn’t finding anything.  Then I went back through things and discovered that what I initially thought were curtains, were actually two pillowcases and a fitted twin size sheet!  Color me happy!  And they are so beautiful and colorful.  Comfortable, too!! I love them!  :D



Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wheat and Corn

Here it is Wednesday…at least in my corner of the world…and I hope everybody is having a good week thus far. I finished two projects, which I am anxious to share with you. :) The first is my Ripe Wheat doily, which is from Decorative Crochet #52. It is a very large doily.  I haven’t measured it yet, but it has to be at least 26 inches or so across. I used America’s Best thread in the color Antique Lace.



I laid it on the grass for this next picture.  That’s why it looks a little wavy at the edges.  LOL


Today my husband, and my daughter’s family went to an amusement park.  I opted to stay home, because I have some kind of “innard” problem, and it’s just easier for me to be here where I’m near a bathroom.  Instead of having a pity party for myself because I am not with them, I chose to work on part of Adelyn’s birthday present.  I made her an ear of corn.  :D  I bought the pattern here.


Thanks for checking out my blog, and have a great day!!