Monday, November 11, 2013

Dishcloths, Receiving Blankets & Burp Cloths

Hello all, and I hope you’re having a great November!  I’ve been busy crocheting the things I am sharing in this post, and trying to adapt to eating dairy-free. That is what my doctor suggested last Tuesday at my appt.  Actually, it’s dairy-free, caffeine-free and chocolate-free.  At least for now, and maybe forever. Time will tell, I guess.  I will be honest and say I am not really loving the dairy free thing.  I love cheese, milk, pizza, etc.  I go back to see her on the 14th of this month, so I’ll see what her thoughts are then.  I’ve only been eating this way for six days now, and it seems like six months. Anyhoo, here is what I’ve been working on. :)

I like to put edgings on dishcloths.  Makes them prettier and they last longer this way, too.  I also find that these make nice gifts.




This set of receiving blankets and burp cloths are for a couple we know who are due with baby #2 in December.  They don’t find out the baby’s gender ahead of time, so I went with greens and yellows.


The following blankets and burp cloths are just to add to my stash, so I have some nice presents available when needed.



If you’d like to make some burp cloths of your own, you can find the pattern for this one HERE.

I did not use a pattern for any of the edgings.  Just made them up as I went along.  :)

As always, I thank you for checking out my little corner of the crochet blogging world.  Enjoy your day!!