Monday, November 21, 2011


Another little project I have been working on is these potholders.  I’m using the Wool Eater pattern from Sarah London. I made an afghan for my granddaughter, using this pattern, and I just love the results this pattern gives.  :)  Saw this post on Ravelry, which is where I got the idea to make the potholders. I am using cotton ww yarn since I am making them to actually sit under hot dishes and pans. If they’re being made solely for decorative purposes, I’m sure you could use whatever yarn you like. :)




Here is a picture of Adelyn with the afghan I made for her.  This picture was taken in May 2010.IMG_5646

Loopy Flowers

I was a very lucky winner recently, and won some patterns from Crochet by Jennifer. This Loopy Flower pattern is one that I won. They work up quickly & are lots of fun to make.  Unfortunately I have had nothing but gray days on which to photograph them, so my photos don’t do them justice.  Not sure yet what I am doing with these, but I can imagine they would be useful as trims on all sorts of things…barrettes, scarves, blankies, etc. :)

Loopy Flowers Collage 1

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pretty Ripples

So…have you wondered where I’ve been hiding the past two weeks?  LOL  I haven’t been hiding, but I have been working on this small ripple blanket. I was inspired by, and got the pattern, from here. The ripples were fun to make, and since I still had the pink and orange yarns out, I used those colors.  This afghan isn’t very big, but I think it will work well for a doll blanket, or even a small baby.  :)