Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wedding Cake

I crocheted this cake about 17 years ago. (If my calculations are correct! LOL) I made it for my in-law’s 40th wedding anniversary party. I used pink and blue for the flowers because those were the colors for the wedding. It was put on the table with some other things, and then not too many weeks or months after the party it was delegated to a storage room. That’s where it’s been up until now. My father-in-law has since passed away and mother-in-law remarried a couple years ago. Recently she returned this cake to me. Well, I have decided to feature it in this post.  This way it can be seen in all its glory and not be shoved away in a dark room somewhere. I have always thought it never really got the recognition it deserved. Not that I wanted people to do cartwheels about it, but I have to say I was proud that I crocheted this cake. Kind of thought that my fellow crocheters might be able to appreciate it. Thanks for looking…I appreciate it. :)




  1. How old did you say it is? It looks good!! nice job!

  2. Rita, looks brand new. What a treasure! You did a magnificent job on this.

  3. Very beautiful! What is it stuffed with?

  4. Thanks everybody. :) I calculated again, and I was right...it's been 17 yrs. You can tell by the look of it that it didn't see much light of day. -sigh-

    CrochetBlogger ~ It isn't stuffed...it has a round cardboard base for each layer and the sides are cardboard as well. I think I used poster board for the sides.

  5. Love it! So cute and now we can even use it for a baby party since it's pink and blue!! :)

  6. Rita, your cake is glorious. What a pity it didn't get the attention it so richly deserves. By all means...SHOW the world!

  7. Fantástico!