Friday, August 16, 2013

My Red & Pink Granny Thing

Hello all!  Hope you have had a lovely week, and are enjoying your weekend! My husband and I will be watching the three little ones tomorrow night while their parents go to see Randy Houser at the County Fair. 

This post I am sharing with you my “red thing”.  I started out to use up some partial balls of #10 thread.  I was going to just keep going around and around, and make it into a rainbow sort of thing.  I quickly decided that I was losing patience with that idea, so just kept it to shades of reds and pinks.  I really don’t know exactly what it is that I made…other than a granny square.  I’m thinking it can be used for a doll blanket, a table scarf, or…any suggestions?!

I am working on another thread project, and will be sharing once I am finished.  It’s been in the works for a few wks. now, and is taking some time. But it is a thread stash buster for sure! :D

Anyhoo, without further ado…I present to you my “thing”.  As always, I thank you for checking out my blog!






  1. I love it Rita - I think it would make a nice table centerpiece. :)

  2. Oh Rita, I love this. The coloring is super!

  3. It looks very beautiful and colors are very sweet!! :) I agree with Debi, it will be a great centrepiece. Also, if you use table cloth on dining table, then just put it over a dark tablecloth. Place it in diamond shape not square, I mean, not aligned with table sides ...hope you got what I want to say :)

    1. Thanks, Preeti. :) I know exactly what you mean regarding the placement. :)

  4. Beautiful! Others have posted some great ideas.

  5. What a lovely "thing". Love the colors.

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks, Kara. :) Trying to use up some of my thread stash. Been making doilies for years and years and years, and have quite the accumulation. :)

  7. That's gorgeous! I love the colours :-) It looks really big in the photos-how large is it really? It may make a lovely blanket for a premature baby?