Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Seastar and Nature’s Bounty

Two more doilies off my hook.  Woohoo!  :D  Thanks to all who check out my blog.  I really do appreciate it.  I try to respond to each comment…which brings me to a question I wanted to ask.  Do you ever return to blog posts to see if your comment has been replied to?  Or do you prefer receiving emails in response to your blog comments?  Just wondering which way is best.  I tend to respond on my blog because not everybody’s email address is available.  But yet I wonder if anybody sees the responses that way.  Opinions, please.  :)

Without further ado, here are my two latest doilies.  The first one is called Seastar, and is from Decorative Crochet issue #53. I did this one in white.


And this one is called Nature’s Bounty and can be found in Leisure Arts Touched by Nature book. This doily is done in white and frosty green.




  1. Hello..nice!! I usually go back and check the blog if I have asked a question..as for people who leave me a question at my blog..if there is no email address I just answer back on my blog and hope they come back..blessings

  2. Beautiful doilies Rita. I reply to everyone's questions on my blog. If I've left a question on someone's blog - I go back and check for an answer. :)

  3. Both the doilies look very pretty!! Design wise, I liked the white one more :)
    I prefer replying/ receiving replies on mail because sometimes I don't remember if I had asked any question. But, for my favourite blog list(includes yours :)) I do check on the blog for the reply when I comment on their next post. Quite complicated, right? I feel that easy, because I am not sure how long a person would take to reply either on mail or blog and visiting frequently to check a reply on blog, in my opinion, is an unwanted task.
    I reply on mails only. If it is a query, and the email id of the blogger is not available to reply, then I reply on blog. For thank you mail, I just leave it to God to convey my thanks if the email is not available. I have stated about my replies in my blog under my profile page. I hope I don't sound rude with this practice :)

  4. Beautiful. I prefer e-mail because I forget which blogs I asked questions. :-(
    I also HATE word verification!

  5. These doilies and also the ones of June, 10 are really super!! My favorite is the seastar ♥

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