Friday, June 21, 2013

Crocheted Foods for Adelyn

Miss Adelyn’s 4th birthday is in about a month, so I’ve been busy working on some crocheted foods for part of her present.  If you’d like to see other foods I already made for her, simply click here, here, here, here and here.  :)  I think that covers it all, and hopefully I didn’t give you any duplicate links!  LOL

Adelyn loves berries, so for starters I crocheted some assorted berries.  I used the general idea from here and then pretty much did my own thing.


I thought some egg noodles might be a fun play food. I didn’t use a pattern for this…just chained however many I wanted and then sc back across the chain.  Weaved in ends, and ta-da noodles!  ;)


Watermelon slices


Pineapple wedge


Kiwi slices


Orange segments


The fruits are all patterns from the Yummi ‘Gurumi book

And last, but not least…a chocolate bar. Just some simple rows of sc until it reached the length I wanted.


I will be house-sitting this weekend for my daughter’s family, and if all goes well I will have a doily or two to share with you early to mid next week.  Happy weekend and thanks for taking the time to visit my blog!


  1. Wow!! Looks like a yummy Birthday for Adelyn :) cute crocheting !!
    This way she can learn about types of food and it can be a medium to teach which food has what nutrients.
    You always mention house sitting.....what does that mean?

  2. Oh that's so cute!! I'm sure the little girl will be thrilled :-)). There's a surprise for you as well ;-), just look here:
    I hope you're pleased :-). Have a nice evening!
    xxx Nata

  3. Love all the crocheted food! Not sure what size the chocolate bar is, but how cute would 2 graham crackers and a marshmallow be with it! LOL You make such special things for all of us and we love it!! Thanks Gramma Rita!