Sunday, August 26, 2012


Was at the fair today, and it was an enjoyable time.  However, this is one of the things I saw.  How unfortunate for the person who put all the time, energy and hard work into this afghan!  I’m sure it’s gorgeous…if a person could have seen the right side of it.  Why, oh why, would the fair people display it like this?  I really feel badly for the person who made it.



  1. wow..what a shame. I wonder why they put people in places that they know nothing about. I just hope they weren't judges..I would have loved to see the right side of this blanket. Maybe if you sent this pic to the fair board and let them know, because it really does reflect on their fair.

  2. Wow..what a shame...I guess they were clueless that that was the wrong side. I hope they fixed it sometime during the day!

  3. OMG.. I would be horrified if they did that to me!