Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Today I am excited to share with you the main project I worked on while house-sitting for my dd’s family over the weekend.  Ornaments!  This yr. I want to do my Christmas tree in all crochet/yarn ornaments. Being that it’s August I figured it is none too soon to get busy with some of them.  And since I was alone the entire time, I was able to work on each one without being interrupted constantly.  Therefore, I had a very productive weekend crochet-wise. I used a pattern from here, but I did not stuff mine. I also didn’t put the pointed edge on mine, or the button in the middle.  That’s one thing I love about crochet…everybody can do their own thing, and it is still just great!  I love these colorful ornaments and can hardly wait till Christmas rolls around to use them. That, and the fact that grandbaby #3 will be making an appearance around that time.  :D


Ornaments 2012_1

Ornaments 2012_2

You might notice that the one finished with yellow is bigger than the others.  That was an oopsy on my part.  LOL  I inadvertently crocheted 12 hdc in my first row rather than 10.  No worries, though, it is still pretty.  :)

I also had a go at this little crocheted boot. For this little gem, the pattern can be found here. I hope to make more of these before December rolls around.  :)



  1. Oh my goodness, these are beautiful, great job!

  2. Goodness, I can't wait to see your tree this year. These are stunning. What a great idea. One I'm adding to my list. Have a great day, blessings.

  3. Pretty ornaments, your tree is going to be gorgeous. Have a great day. Heather

  4. What a great idea for leftover thread..I am going to copy your idea, but use my leftover thread..hope you don't mind..I can hardly wait to get started..

  5. Hi dear friend, The ornaments seem so pretty and bright with colors... And The crochetsocks is so nice. I like to make crochet socks so much.. Maybe I finish my projects I will begin to make crochet socks and slippers again..
    Happy Summer Days...:))

  6. Thanks, everybody! I really enjoyed making them, and can hardly wait to see them on my tree this year! :) Vikki...I say go for it! They would be gorgeous made from thread! Another thing I think would be pretty...making them with embroidery floss. :)

  7. I love these, and showed Bea and Brian and they love them as well! Brian says you should sell your stuff and I told him I've been telling you forever to set up an etsy account!!

  8. Oooh ... I love those ornaments!! So colorful :)