Sunday, September 18, 2011

One for the Black and Gold!

My daughter and her family are big Steelers fans, and she mentioned recently that I should make a Steelers colored doily for her.  I had thought so myself, but never made one.  Since I knew she wanted one I got started on it right away.  This is the result. :)  I used this pattern. I love it for multi-colored doilies because it is so easy to do color changes when using this pattern.

Perhaps this is a lucky doily as the Steelers did win today. :D


Here are a couple other doilies I’ve made using this same pattern. I know I have done others, too, but can’t find pics of them right now.

This first one is done in a sage green and brown.


And this one is done in black and white.



  1. Can't wait til next game day to use my doily!!! :)

  2. The black and white one is so pretty! I wish I could crochet like that. Every single thing you make makes me smile.