Friday, September 9, 2011


I purchased a bunch of patterns, yesterday, from Ever Laughter on Etsy. Last night I made a few of the appliques with thread, and today I used some Simply Soft yarn.  Here are the ones I made using the yarn. :) They’re cute, but I think I’d like to use some yarn other than the Simply Soft.  It seems too “fuzzy” to me. I’d also like to use beads for the eyes, but I need to buy some before I can do that.  So, in the meantime, it’s black yarn for the eyes. ;)

BirdyTeal Birdy Cream Wings

  ButterfliesPink and Orange Bflies



  1. wow! that's so cuteeee!! :")
    Nice work!! ;)

  2. Rita, these are adorable and your denim and daisies are beautiful ... both of them. You are on quick crocheter!

  3. So cute! Love them all!! Can't wait to see them in A's hair!