Monday, June 6, 2011

Nice Surprise!!

There was such a nice surprise awaiting me at my mailbox today. I am in a type of doily exchange with a group. We receive a crochet hook in the mail along with a doily, or some other small project, that the previous recipient made for us. One never knows where the hook will end up next, so I was very excited that it landed in my mailbox today!

When I opened the envelope, what did I find? Glad you asked. I'd love to show you! :D

A beautiful note card with a handwritten note, a gorgeous doily wrapped in tissue paper and beautiful bow, and a wonderfully flowery journal! The pages of the journal even have flowery images on them. I *love* all things flower! :D

This is the gorgeous doily that I received! Some of you might recognize it from over at Crochet Galore. Yes, I am so fortunate as to have received one of Gloria's beauties! So, you see, I am very blessed to have such a wonderful friend and belong to such a wonderful group. I've never met Gloria in person, but yet she is a special friend. :) I love my computer and my online friends. Thanks again, Gloria, I *love* everything! :D

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  1. Oh Rita, thank you for such wonderful words. I regard you as a treasure, you so brighten my days. The hook, thread and yarn bring such happiness not only in the creations in the use of them but in the meeting of the people who use them. Have a wonderful evening.