Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Version of the Granny Stripe Afghan

A couple months ago I brought a bunch of yarn up from the basement. Told my husband I was going to make an afghan using a bunch of this leftover yarn. I thought I'd just work on it here and there, perhaps for many months or even longer. Well, I lasted two months. ;) Once I get a project going it's hard for me to not work on it until it's finished. Especially afghans. I don't like having them wait on me. Now that I have this one done, I can move on to other, smaller projects. This afghan might not be for some, given all the many colors that are in it, but I love it. I love color...the more the merrier! Since it wasn't raining outside I decided to take the afghan outside and have a little photo shoot with it. :)

Here it is, hanging from my clothesline, in all its glory. :)

A closeup that shows you the edging. For the edging I did a row of sc around the outside, then a row of dc, ending with a row of sc with a picot thrown in approx. every five stitches.

A different angle.

Last, but not least, a collage of some closeup shots of various areas of the afghan. My favorite is the picture in the middle. Love those pretty, vibrant colors. :)


  1. I like it Gramma Rita - very colorful and pretty. :)

  2. The colors on this blanket are gorgeous!! I love the look of this blanket. You do great work.

  3. Rita, I love it! It is gorgeous! I would love to be snuggled under this. So happy.

  4. Very pretty Mumma! It will look wonderful in your living room! :)