Monday, February 14, 2011

Yo-Yo Doll Blanket for Adelyn

I made this yo-yo doll blanket for my granddaughter, Adelyn. The yo-yo instructions can be found in this book. The technique is a good way to make yo-yos joining as you go, but I still was not feeling the love for this technique. I'm sure it's just a personal preference. I do not enjoy having to remove my hook constantly as I am working on a project. If you are a patient person (me...not so much...that's why it is a doll size afghan) I do think the results are pretty. :)

Hmm...somehow this pic got rotated, but I'll leave it here anyway. It gives you a closer look at things. :)

Miss Adelyn all smiles with her dolly and blanket for Valentine's Day. <3

She wrapped it around another of her dolls and placed it in this chair. So sweet. :D


  1. Its a beautiful blanket ... not sure if I could do a regular size one either, but I wouldl like to try as its so pretty. What a doll Adelyn is.

  2. Your doll blanket is so nice - I'm sure it will keeps your granddaughter's dollies very warm. By the way - your granddaughter is the cutest. :)

  3. The blanket is pretty and colorful and it looks like your granddaughter loves it. She is a cutie! Have a wonderful day.

  4. She does love it still! And it is a must, those dollies needed a blanket! :) She is lucky to have a Gramma who will make her beautiful things. <3