Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Long Time, No See!

Hello All!  Hope this finds you all doing well, and enjoying the season.  Summer starts tomorrow, although we've had summer weather for quite a while.  Personally, I'll be glad when fall comes back around.  I prefer it over summer by a long shot.  I don't handle the heat and humidity well at all.  

What all have you been keeping busy with?  I've been enjoying my family and my crocheting.  I took a few weeks break from crocheting after Easter as I took quite a fall and my left elbow was painful for weeks.  It is actually still sore, but over all I am doing so much better.  We had gone outside to hide the Easter eggs, and I tripped over a stake after only hiding one egg.  I fell splat onto a slab of cement.  Rick thinks I must have went into shock because I got up and walked a few steps before collapsing.  I was out for a couple minutes, and I guess my breathing sounded awful.  They called 911, but by the time the ambulance got here I had come to and was doing better. My vitals were fine so they didn't make me go to the hospital.  I got pretty well banged up though.  No broken bones, but bruised ones for sure. Anyhoo, I am back to crocheting now and doing lots of it.  :)  

I made these two dresses for my granddaughter before Easter. She looked adorable in them!

I also made a bunch of dresses to put on my Oak Hill Crochet site. Only the white one sold.

Made these bags recently, and gifted the brown one to my great niece for her recent high school graduation.  Hope she likes it!  Pattern is from Snappy Tots.

I gave this bag to my granddaughter for her recent dance recital.  Pretty sure she loved it.  :)  It's a paid pattern from The Hat and I.  I strayed from the pattern and sewed my turtle onto the bag.

We had a sleepover this past weekend with the three older grandkids, and Miss Adelyn (Pictured above) told me she is glad I crochet.  Melt my heart, why don't ya?!  :)  <3  

Good bye for now, and I hope to be posting before three more months pass by.  Enjoy your summer!


  1. Oh my! Hope you are doing better! I fear falling all the time since my back surgery. Beautiful dresses and bags! Don't stay away so long....I enjoy your comments on my blog and wish to keep in touch.

  2. Hope your pain has subsided now. You created so many lovely dresses and your granddaughters are lucky to have you who can crochet beautiful things for them:)