Saturday, February 27, 2016

This and That

Happy weekend to all of you reading this!  Hope your weekend is a good one.  I am back home now after having spent the 20th through the 26th at my son's house.  I was taking care of their dog while they went on their honeymoon.  They went to Disney!  Judging from the pics I've seen, it looks like they had a great time!  Axle and I got along well over all, but it took me all week to realize he was "playing me".  lol  He ran off from me about six times from Saturday through Thursday.  Stinker!!  Thankfully he came back all of those times.  Here is a pic I took of him shortly after I got there on the 20th.  I took several more, using my tablet, but this is the only one I have saved to my computer so far.  Will get the others later.

It seemed to take me forever to decide what crochet project(s) I wanted to work on while I was there.  I checked out my Pinterest boards and was inspired to make some thread crochet flowers.  I enjoyed making them.  Eventually I hope to turn them into a wreath. In these pics they are not yet blocked.  I have them them blocked and drying right now. Some of the flowers are patterns from this book:
 100 Lace Flowers to Crochet  And some of the flowers I created on my own without a pattern.

I did all the flowers in the day time, and then in the evenings I colored.  Fun!  Here is a collage of all the pages I colored.

Tomorrow we're going to visit the grandkids, so that should be a fun day.  Take care, and enjoy your weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What a good mom you are to dog-sit. It looks like you accomplished a lot while there. Have fun with the grandkids! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Axel is a cutie. You were very busy making all those pretty flowers - and your coloring is very nice. :)

  3. I've "dog-sat" before and it is an experience! Love the flowers. I'm going to take my coloring books (and my crochet) with me when we go on our vacation this summer.