Sunday, May 31, 2015

Weekend Crocheting and some Nature Photos

Hello friends!  I spent most of Memorial weekend at my daughter’s house.  I was dog sitting while they went to camp.  Took some yarn with me and managed to get four pumpkin hats finished, and a dozen stretchy headbands. So I’m quite pleased with my crochet accomplishments while there.  Even managed to get her caught up on her laundry…that is, until they came home from camp.  lol 
Here is a link to the hat pattern I used. I love it because it is stretchy. And I did my own thing for the stem and leaves.  This pic isn’t the greatest.  Not sure why, but my camera didn’t seem to be cooperating with me in picking up the colors properly.

Here are the dozen stretchy headbands I made.  Love this pattern, too.  It can be found here: 

Also while there I was very fortunate to see a black bear.  I absolutely love seeing black bears.  They’re around here, but are very hard to get a glimpse of.  So I was thrilled to get this pic!! My daughter’s mother-in-law has this very view day after day, and has for years, and has never seen a bear cross there before.  So I consider myself very fortunate!

Here’s a cute little Scarlet Tanager that was taking a bath yesterday.  Rick and I were on the way to the “upper farm” when Rick spotted this little fella along the road.  He stopped so I could get some pics. I took tons of pics, but will just share this one with you.  Don’t want to bore you.

Well, my friends, I hope you’ve enjoyed my pics, and here is wishing you a great day!!
Oh wait…just one more picture.  This is the little fellow I was hanging out with over the weekend.  Ollie is his name.

ETA: I have been trying to post this for close to a week, and wasn't able to.  Hopefully this time it works.  I'm growing impatient with trying to get it to post.  I normally use Windows Live Writer and it isn't working right.  Googled it, and apparently I am one of the hundreds, or thousands, with this problem.


  1. hello rita...that is quite a photo of a black bear...and the lovely colors of the bird...thank you to your hubby for spotting and stopping so you could share the wonderful sight...and thank you for sharing the links to your yarn projects...i plan to look at the hat link, that is nice and stretchy...sally

  2. Beautiful hats and headbands, Rita!! So colorful:) Thanks for sharing!! I will try the headband for Anshita.

  3. Oh, I hope we see a bear next week when we go to Tennessee! Cute hats!

  4. Wow, you got some great wildlife photos! The bear and that colorful bird... neat! I might have to check out that headband pattern. Have a happy week. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)