Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hats & Pumpkins

Sharing the two projects I’ve been working on recently.  I made a hat for each of my grandkids.  Haven’t delivered them yet, but am hoping they are the right size. The pattern can be purchased here.


Here are the hats shown separately. As you might assume, the one with the flower on it is for my granddaughter.  The other two are for the boys.  LOL




I’m still having my health issues and lately it’s been getting me down.  I’m going to a gastroenterologist, but she is quite full of herself and is not being too terribly helpful. Obviously, I don’t know what the problem is, but I’m lead to believe it could very well be Crohn’s disease.  Whatever it is, it isn’t pleasant, I know that much.  Anyhoo, because of that I’ve been a bit down.  I try to not let myself get that way, but every once in a while I do struggle with it.  To boost my spirits the last couple of days, I made these cute little pumpkins.  Today I took them outside for a photo shoot.  LOL  If you’d like to make some of these for yourself, the pattern can be found here.

The pics are of the same pumpkins…just taken in different settings.



As always, I thank you for visiting my blog.  May you have a wonderful day!  :)


  1. Nice hats Rita - I really like them. I hope you can get your health situation figured out and taken care of properly soon. The little pumpkins are cute. :)

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  3. I hope that you begin to feel better..I think maybe a change in doctors might be in order if you really don't like her. I am in need of a pattern for hats for toddler size hats..I think I might check out that pattern you used..I love the gray too. Blessings

  4. Hope you feel better soon. Love the hats and the pumpkins.

  5. Your hats look very cute !! And also the pumpkins :)
    I think you must change doctor if you are not satisfied with treatment. I know how difficult it is to live with annoying health issues that hamper our day-to-day activites. I have plantar fasciitis and there is no permanent solution to it other than wearing night splints all my life. They are my life partners now ...LOL :) hope you get better soon.

  6. These are delightlful little punkins. And why wouldn't they just warm your heart and make you smile.
    Hope you are feeling better.

  7. Thank you to all! I appreciate your kind comments. :)