Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rosette Doily

Finally…a doily!  If I don’t crochet doilies every so often, I tend to get withdrawal symptoms!  LOL  Anyhoo, this was made using some thread I got at the thrift store earlier last year.  It is called “Hunter Green”, but apparently the definition of Hunter Green has changed over the years, as this seems to be more of a Spring Green to me. This doily is from the Crochet Monthly Magazine #189.




  1. Beautiful doily - and I agree that the color looks more like a spring green. :)

  2. So very intricate and delicate it looks! Would look lovely on any vase or table setting!

  3. Very beautiful and delicate doily! I don't know the difference between 'hunter green ' and 'spring green' but this green looks elegant and nice:)

  4. Thanks to all...I truly appreciate your kind words. :) I started another doily last night. No pattern & nothing fancy...just doing my own thing. Here's hoping it looks half decent when I'm done. LOL

  5. Beautiful! I understand the need to make a doily - I'm feeling the 'itch' myself!

    1. Thanks, Deni! Hope you get to start a doily soon. :)

  6. very nice..I want to thank you before I forgot. I am most grateful you told me that the Lizbeth thread was not colorfast before I got to blocking and washing it, as the burgundy is right up against white. I will never buy this thread not happy with the quality. I will stick with my DMC Cebelia. I have a customer who wanted a couple of doilies made with burgundy not the deep red so I went with it, I won't make that mistake again..I will have to warn the customer that it will bleed. Thanks again.