Sunday, November 4, 2012

Flutterby Doily

Recently I had the excitement of winning patterns from Bella Crochet!  If you haven’t checked her out, you might want to.  She creates the most beautiful patterns!  This doily is one of the patterns I won from her.  The instructions call for fabric glue, and using it to glue certain things together.  I don’t have fabric glue, plus I just like to have everything all hooked together via crochet, so I attached mine via a round of sc and chains.  I also did the butterfly bodies differently than the instructions called for. For this pattern I was able to use partial balls of thread.  :)




  1. Oh Rita, how pretty! Your last few posts have such beautiful doilies too, you certainly have been busy. Glad you're ok after the storm.

  2. Very pretty and colourful doily! :) I like colourful things:) and yes, I too prefer attaching over glueing in crochet. There are innumerable possibilities in crochet and the hook is so kind and flexible to let us create our dreams :) isn't it?

    1. Thanks, Preeti. :) I, too, like colorful things! :D

  3. Gorgeous ! thanks for the inspiration!