Sunday, July 17, 2011

Some New Doilies to Share with You

My latest doily creations. Thanks for looking!  :)

This one is called On Vacation.From Decorative Crochet #71. I used white, green and a hand-dyed variegated. To me it looks like Fall flowers. :)

CDP13 On Vacation

This doily is called Spring Green,and is from Annie’s Attic Colorful Doilies.  I used a sock yarn on this one and was disappointed that it was not colorfast.

WDP14 Spring Green

This one is called Blue Skies.  I used white for this one. Another cute little doily from Annie’s Attic Colorful Doilies.

WDP15 Blue Skies

This is a ruffled doily that was free at recently.

July 2011 DoM Ruffled Doily


  1. My goodness Rita, you have been busy and what beauties. They are gorgeous, love the coloring. Great, great work!

  2. Your doilies are always so beautiful Rita. :)

  3. Beautiful! You've been busy!

  4. Love your color choices on the fall one! Looks like mums! :)

  5. I just love the white one. It's so pretty and lacy. I want to do something like that but I don't know if I could.