Friday, September 18, 2015

Lots of Crochet!!

Hello Friends!  Did you wonder if I fell off the face of the earth?  Well, never fear, for I am here!  lol  I've not been online much to save on data usage, and I have been getting lots of crochet done.  Rick still doesn't have a job, so nothing new to report on that front.  But I thought I'd share with you all the goodies I've been hooking.
First up is this doily I made recently. The pattern info is directly on the photo, and in case you don't want to click on the photo to find out, I will tell you that it is a free pattern that you can find it here:   This little beauty worked up rather quickly. 

I recently posted these apple hats to my Oak Hill Crochet Facebook page. No takers yet.

I cranked out some appliques this past week, hoping to sell them at an upcoming vendor thing, but it looks like the vendor show won't be happening.  Not sure what I'll do with all this stuff, but I'll show you.  lol
I started with making cars/race cars and some bulldozers.  Both patterns can be found on EverLaughter's Etsy store.

Then I ended up making apples, pumpkins, hearts, flowers and snowflakes.

A few weeks ago I made a couple cute acorn hats.

And I'm happy to report I actually sold this striped hat, just this past week!

So there is a little bit of what I've been up to.  I've made a few more hats, but this post is probably picture heavy as it is.  Hope all are doing well. Thanks for stopping by!  I've been trying to visit your blogs when I can, but haven't been doing so as often as I'd like.  Same old, same old...saving on data usage.  Rick just popped in here to my craft room and told me I'm at 90% of my monthly allowance.  Good thing for me it resets tomorrow.  Whew!  Take care!!!


  1. Wow, you've been busy.. my favorite is the acorn hat.. so cute! I hope hubby gets a new job.. when can he retire? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Your doily is very beautiful and I loved your crochet appliqués:) Hope your husband finds a job very soon. Congrats on your sale!! I know it is very difficult to get something sold in this ocean of sellers.

  3. I love that beautiful doily. Maybe you could attach the appliques to hats and sell them. I wish your husband luck in finding a new job. :)

  4. I fully understand the "data" dilemma. Glad to hear from you. Cute crochet projects!

  5. The hats are sooo cute! I love the acorn and striped ones!