Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Thread, Pretties, Dust & Birds

Hello friends! Hope this finds you all doing well, and having a good week.  I’m having a good week, with lots of crochet time.  Dh is on 12 hour shifts this week, so isn’t home much, and when he is I am usually being quiet so he can sleep. That gives me a fair amount of crochet time.  I know he’s tired, but I sure wish when somebody was mad at me, they’d tell me why instead of making me try to figure it out myself. He was none too happy with me tonight, but I honestly have no idea why. Do your significant others get like that too…where you know full well they’re not happy with you about something, but yet won’t tell you what that something is? 

Anyhoo, this is a doily I have been working on for about a week.  I really like how it turned out. The pattern can be found here:



Today I put edgings on washcloths, which will be Easter presents for the grandkids.


Went to town on Sunday and found a few fun things.  First up, this doily pattern book for $1 at Bradley’s books. I figure I’ll get my dollar’s worth out of it.  lol


At K-Mart I found these pretty dishcloths.  They’re labeled dishcloths, but I am using them for washcloths. Love the colors!


Also found a couple pieces of costume jewelry on clearance at K-Mart.


On Saturday, Rick and I watched our grandsons, while their sister, mommy and daddy went to see Cinderella at the movie theater. Clayton said he wanted to dust, so I gave him the duster and let him have at it!  -smile-  I paid him $3 afterwards. It was worth it to me. I do good at keeping up with most household chores, but dusting is not one of them. lol


After the others got back that evening, Adelyn and I drew some birds.  She had got a princess book that showed how to draw various things, and a bird was one of them.  She and I have fun drawing together. Clayton snapped this picture for me.


And here are our creations:



Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Your grands are adorable! I have a grandson who likes to dust, too. What a good trait! That doily at the top is one of *THE* most beautiful I've ever seen! Bravo to you! Men are just grumps. Mine has been kind of like that lately. Oh well. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Wow!! That's a gorgeous doily, Rita!!:) The colors you have chosen are very sweet and you made it perfectly:) Great job!! I will try this pattern someday but, you know, the todo list just keeps on growing.
    I also don't like dusting and here we need atleast twice a week to do. Rainy season is good when once in 10-15 days is also fine. I gave that task to my husband but he rarely did. So I do and keep on hating, the task...not him:)
    Both of yours drawings are cute !:) Looking forward to see your crochet creations from the new book.
    About my OH, I admit, I am the fussy person and I do it to him ....I just don't tell and don't talk , I feel bad and get angry soon these days. However, it lasts for a day only. Few hours are so little to convey my emotions so I take at the most a day. How bad I am to torture him that way:)

  3. Oops! That was a big comment! I just couldn't make out how much I wrote in that tiny comment

  4. That is one amazing doily! Your choice of colors is simply beautiful. Thank you for the link.
    Have a lovely day.

  5. I can't stand to dust either! My hubby has "PMS" more than I do! But he always says it's me, not him! Cute grandkids!

  6. Hi Rita...I just found my next project. That doily is absolutely gorgeous. You have an incredible knack of colorizing. Send Clayton with the duster, could use him!!!

  7. Your doily is beautiful. I am terrible at choosing different colors and oh, the anxiety it causes me. Did you write down which colors you used on which rounds, by chance? I'd love to copy it.