Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lap Afghans & Vintage Goodness!

Hello all!  Hope this finds you all doing well, and those hooks flyin’! Thought I’d show you my two most recent lap afghans.  The first is called Fantasy Blanket, and the pattern can be found here.  I confess I got tired of it rather quickly and mine is smaller than the beautiful one shown at the link.  I just got tired of dealing with all the ends…and the unevenness of the rows.  I realize that’s a “personal problem”, so to speak.  LOL


I call this one “Tulip Row”, and the pattern can be found here. The colored yarns are all Simply Soft, and the white is ILTY from Hobby Lobby. (Same goes for the Fantasy Blanket.)



A close up of the tulips and the edging I did.


I also wanted to share with you the pretty things my daughter, Laura, made for me for Christmas.  She used vintage sheets for these items.  I love them!

First is this pretty apron.


And she also made this pretty wreath for me!


Laura also made me some cute felt ornaments for my tree, but I put them away and didn’t get pics of them.

If you have read this post to the end…I thank you very much!  Seems I am not getting many lookers, so I wanted to let those of you who do look at my blog, know that I appreciate you very much!


  1. I am an artist and really need to make myself a nice apron to wear while painting. With a big pocket in the front for the supplies/brushes, etc. Nice stuff. Love your afghans!

  2. Your afghans look very lovely !! I know adding colors is interesting part but weaving so many threads is just so tiring task. I feel tired just at the sight of it without doing anything, lol. I have a tablecloth waiting for weaving in for past 6 months. That's the problem with people who love colorful projects :)
    Your daughter made lovely things for you!! I am a regular visitor to your blog :)

  3. Those are beautiful blankets! I also find making a blanket in 'rows' to take absolutely forever-which is why I love squares so much :-D
    Your daughter is very clever, lovely presents!

    (I love reading your blog-I don't always comment but I always enjoy seeing what you've made)

  4. I look all the time and try to comment. Sometimes I just don't have anything to say! Love the vintage sheet projects. Keep crocheting!

  5. Both blankets are beautiful Rita. Your gifts from your daughter are so nice - I especially love the apron. Have a great day. :)