Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Little Hooties & My Christmas Tree Decorating Helper

Last week I purchased the pattern for these little owls.  Once I got started making them, I couldn’t seem to stop!  All of these ended up on my Christmas tree, except for the one in the bottom right-hand corner.  It will probably be a tuck-in gift in somebody’s Christmas card. I’m hoping to get a few more made.  Right now I am in the beginnings of some sickness though.  Fever, sore throat, etc. I hope that whatever it is leaves me quickly.  I have too much I want to do before Christmas.  Anyhoo, I mostly went by the pattern, but I did my own thing for the owl’s beak.  I did it according to the directions first time around, then decided I wanted to do something else.  If you’d like to make some of your own little hooties, you can purchase the pattern here.

Little Hooties

Here is a picture of Miss Adelyn, who was my Christmas tree decorating helper yesterday.  The guys were out hunting, and she hung out with Gramma Rita. :)


I was in the bathroom when she came to the door and told me she was hungry (we had already eaten lunch), so I told her she could get a pack of gummies out of the pantry.  When I came out, this is what I found.  ;)  LOL  She *did* get the gummies, as well as some cookies.  She cracks me up!


I made chili for supper, and she helped me stir the cornbread. 



  1. Love the owls! And what a cute little helper!

  2. I think you showed a similar pic last year...my how she has grown and she is beautiful. The owls are pretty neat. I hope you are feeling better by the time you read this...can't be down this time of year. Hugs and Blessings

    1. Adelyn is my tree decorating helper every year. :) The fever is gone, at least for now. Throat has white spots all over it. :p

  3. Everything looks nice, Merry Christmas.

  4. Rita, the owls are adorable ... as is your tree and your little Miss. She is getting so big.